Mat Stokes

Personal Project: Identity and Web Design

Mat Stokes is the alter-ego I use to project my musical affections.

His sound is rough, rowdy, and eccentric. He is a rambler, a comedian, and a true vaudevillian from pre-radio age America.

My love for this era has really given me the opportunity to create without restrictions. As it becomes more serious, It also gets harder to balance the need to design posters or practice for the gig itself. At some point, I always thought I would have to make a hard decision between music and art. I’m glad to have learned that creativity does not have to be  a zero sum game.

My original goal was to create an array of logos that have a similar visual theme.          

Social media and wordpress design

Pursuing this vintage look affords me every opportunity to break design rules such as using clipart and obscene amounts of typefaces.

My latest show posters have been experiments using my own illustrations.